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Makita Brand

Makita Drills: Ideal if you are looking for a brand specialized in tool manufacturing



Makita was born in Finland over a hundred years ago as a shop specialized in the sale and repair of motors and transformers.

Then the company begins to undergo several transformations until it begins to market high quality electrical products thanks to the eleven plants that it has distributed worldwide.

It has more than five hundred high quality models in the market, manufactured with the best technology.

Makita drills have the capacity to drill wood, steel, concrete, among others.

In addition, the handle is usually made of rubber, so doing any job is much more comfortable and has varied characteristics such as overheating protection, forward and reverse rotation, double insulation and different speeds.

Sometimes the drills of this brand do not have good clearance to perform the work perfectly.

Pros: It is a brand with extensive experience in the development of tools
Cons: Some have slack problems

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