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Einhell Drills

Einhell Drills: Suggested if you are looking for cheap drills





If you want a quality drill but without spending a lot of money we invite you to know the Einhell brand, it is a company with more than fifty years in the market that managed to position itself internationally thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

Its products include drills, stationary tools, saws, sanders, garden items, cleaning and automotive. The drills manufactured by this brand are characterized by having a good price, their sizes are varied and you can get them wireless or with long cables.

The handle of the Einhell drills is non-slip for better handling, the mandrel is easily removable, they feature a quick stop function and some with an intense LED light that provides optimal illumination in the work area.

The battery of the drills of this brand does not usually last for a long time, so it is not ideal for long work.



Pros: The price of the drills is accessible
Cons: The battery does not last long



Other popular brand:



Dewalt is a brand born in the United States and is a world-class company. In addition, he is a specialist in the manufacture of power tools for the construction and carpentry industries.

The Dewalt brand drills have a completely robust and compact appearance, which creates a sense of durability and are ideal for professional use.

One of its best-selling products of this type is the hammer drill that is screwed to the battery, with a sturdy case to transport it without problems and with the proven quality.

It also has drills that bring more than one spare battery that guarantees to work for many hours without interrupting the work.

In some Dewalt drills, the mandrel becomes loose after several sessions of use and must be constantly tightened.



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