If you have to do a DIY job at home or have a small business, you will be interested to know what a hammer drill is. There are other very useful tools like the column drill or the eccentric sander that you can add to your workshop.


Today we are going to know which are the best-selling electric drills for hammer drill. The sds bits and their older sisters, which are most suitable for working with the hammer drill.


What is a best performant hammer drill


Electric hammer drills are tools equipped with cutting or drill accessories. Its main use is to drill materials such as wood, concrete, or plasterboard. Due to their versatility they are used in both DIY and professional DIY jobs.


Unlike other types of drill, the hammer has the ability to drill holes in very solid structures. The hammer drill bits, in addition to turning on themselves to open a hole, move back and forth to break the material and break through the structures.


The hammer function is widely used to drill solid structures such as concrete, but hammer drills can perform functions as diverse as screwing and unscrewing, sanding surfaces, or milling.


Drill bits for hammer drills


Choosing the right bits is essential to ensure the success of the work with a hammer drill. It is useless to buy a quality hammer drill if we do not add some sharp and resistant bits.


The bits, which rotate while pressing the material to be drilled, are held at one end of the drill by a mandrel. The tips, and sometimes the cutting lips of the drill are in charge of hitting the material to break through the structure.


SDS bits


The SDS bits were created to solve the difficulties of the professionals of the masonry when it comes to drilling holes in bricks and solid materials. These types of bits slide into the chuck and improve tool performance.


The SDS (Slotted Drive System or Slotted Drive Shaft) was created by the Bosch brand in 1975 and is a slotted drive system or slotted drive shaft.


This is a quick-fit system that securely attaches the bit to the hammer hammer. To do this, they use a 3-spline system that increases the holding capacity and allows working without fear of the bit loosening when operating on hard surfaces.


SDS Max bits


SDS Max bits, in addition to drilling and hammering, can be used for excavation. These types of bits are designed to perform the heaviest jobs, can make larger holes and offer better performance in terms of speed and hammering power.


SDS Max bits are used in heavy DIY or professional jobs where they require high drilling power. In materials such as cement or concrete they are ideal and have spectacular performances.


If you want to know more about hammer drills, I recommend you continue reading the blog of Best Power Drill


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All people, or the vast majority, have this tool at home, due to the usefulness it provides. Whether it’s drilling holes, tightening, or loosening screws, we all should have a drill.


Therefore, we are going to give you some tips that will help you choose the best store for this type of tool (drill). In addition, you will save a lot of time since you can make the order online.


Firstly, the return period must be taken into account. After purchasing the item, it may be necessary to return it, or exchange it for another. That is why it is very important to make it clear to you before buying; who to contact to solve these things, how long they will allow you to accept the return, what cost that return will have for you, and know if they will refund the money. completely or we will have to assume a part. You should also know in which cases you can return it.

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Also, it would be convenient to make a balance between the price and the quality of the drill. This may be the most important element of all when choosing the store. Anyway, you have to know that each store has a more or less defined price level. You will have to compare the price of the drill that you want to acquire in each of the stores.




Must be balanced with price. You can find a product in a store with a better quality and a higher price, than the same product in another store with a lower quality and price. That choice will be the customer’s, and will depend on the use you want to give the drill.


The warranty


Will also be an aspect to consider. Depending on the product in question, the guarantee will be more or less long in time. Although you must be aware that many establishments do not have a guarantee on their products, which is essential when buying a product with a high price. The product may come defective from the factory, it may drop and break, or it simply stops working. For this, it would be convenient for the establishment to fix it or change it for a new one.


Customer service


All stores have, to a greater or lesser extent, personal at their disposal to solve any customer question or problem. However, they are not always trained to help you, and they do not have the necessary knowledge.

Rich results in Google's SERP when searching for "best power drill"

The time and cost of shipping. When we talk about buying through the internet we find transport costs, so we would have to investigate the cost of each store. Another very important factor in shipping is the deadline. It will be more or less important according to our needs, that is, according to how urgent we need the drill.


In addition to finding the best drills, and thousands of other tools to practice DIY, you should also look for a toolbox that makes cleaning and tidying easier, so that it is easier and more comfortable to work on the DIY tasks that are require in your home.


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Popular Brands

Einhell Drills

Einhell Drills: Suggested if you are looking for cheap drills





If you want a quality drill but without spending a lot of money we invite you to know the Einhell brand, it is a company with more than fifty years in the market that managed to position itself internationally thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

Its products include drills, stationary tools, saws, sanders, garden items, cleaning and automotive. The drills manufactured by this brand are characterized by having a good price, their sizes are varied and you can get them wireless or with long cables.

The handle of the Einhell drills is non-slip for better handling, the mandrel is easily removable, they feature a quick stop function and some with an intense LED light that provides optimal illumination in the work area.

The battery of the drills of this brand does not usually last for a long time, so it is not ideal for long work.



Pros: The price of the drills is accessible
Cons: The battery does not last long



Other popular brand:



Dewalt is a brand born in the United States and is a world-class company. In addition, he is a specialist in the manufacture of power tools for the construction and carpentry industries.

The Dewalt brand drills have a completely robust and compact appearance, which creates a sense of durability and are ideal for professional use.

One of its best-selling products of this type is the hammer drill that is screwed to the battery, with a sturdy case to transport it without problems and with the proven quality.

It also has drills that bring more than one spare battery that guarantees to work for many hours without interrupting the work.

In some Dewalt drills, the mandrel becomes loose after several sessions of use and must be constantly tightened.



Popular Brands

Black & Decker Drills

Black & Decker Drills: Suggested if you are looking for a brand with good value for money




The Black & Decker brand is American and specialized in the marketing of household appliances and power tools, you can find cheap drills.

Although it does not currently operate as it did at the beginning, you can still get products that offer good value for money in the market.

It offers drills that work through cable that is generally long enough and also cordless, its models are compact and ideal for use as a tool at home.

Some have auxiliary handles, the speeds are variable and work with a mechanism that has more impact than usual.

The power of the drills of this brand is not so powerful in relation to other products with the same specifications.



Pros: It offers good value for money
Cons: The power of these drills is not so strong
Popular Brands

Bosch Drills

Bosch Drills: Recommended if you want drills with good power




The Bosch brand is a company that covers many items in the market, manufactures everything from appliances to tools, all with the same quality.

They constantly try to improve with each product, they have been accompanying their consumers for many years and each article includes the best possible technology.

Bosch drills are ideal for use at home in simple activities, it has good power and varied models, you will find hammer drills, drills with battery or cable.

The grip is usually soft, its appearance is compact and they work with an electronic system for an exact drilling start. In addition, they are easy to handle and the weight is perfect to move them from one place to another without problems.

Even if Bosch is a recognized brand, it is not specialized in tools, so sometimes it is perhaps not the first choice among consumers familiar with the subject.

Pros: It is characterized by having high quality products
Cons: It is not a brand specialized in tool manufac
Popular Brands

Makita Brand

Makita Drills: Ideal if you are looking for a brand specialized in tool manufacturing



Makita was born in Finland over a hundred years ago as a shop specialized in the sale and repair of motors and transformers.

Then the company begins to undergo several transformations until it begins to market high quality electrical products thanks to the eleven plants that it has distributed worldwide.

It has more than five hundred high quality models in the market, manufactured with the best technology.

Makita drills have the capacity to drill wood, steel, concrete, among others.

In addition, the handle is usually made of rubber, so doing any job is much more comfortable and has varied characteristics such as overheating protection, forward and reverse rotation, double insulation and different speeds.

Sometimes the drills of this brand do not have good clearance to perform the work perfectly.

Pros: It is a brand with extensive experience in the development of tools
Cons: Some have slack problems

8 Best Power Drills – Review


The Perfect Guide to find Best Power Drills


Do you need a quality drill? In this article we are going to show you a list with the best power drills of the moment, so you can find the ideal drill. We also include a small guide to make it a little easier to choose it.





Having a good drill machine in case does not have to be expensive and this can be seen as this model, which is very well priced and will allow you to do any type of work. If you buy it, you will no longer have to ask your family or neighbors for the drill.

It has a power of 710 W, more than enough to make drills even in the toughest places and as it has a firing pin function, the work will be a bit easier, as long as you use the appropriate drill.

What I can say is that the noise is high, but it is normal in this type of machinery. For this reason, I recommend it for quality price.






If you are looking for a low cost drill to have at home, this option may work for you. The truth is that it is a good option for people looking for something simple, but that gives good results.

This machine has a power of 600w and a percussor function. You can also control the power you want to have at all times through its electronic system. This way you will not have to always use the maximum power, so you can drill the holes in a more professional way, especially if you do not master this type of work.

If you are really looking for something cheap to have at home and do occasional drills, this safe drill will adapt very well to your needs.





A quality drill and manufactured by a great brand, this option will also be very useful. It has a very good level of strength, so you will feel comfortable working with the drill. That is why it can be a good option to have at home to use it professionally.

To hold it and reduce vibrations, it has a very good quality grip, while the chuck is robust and very easy to use. In a few seconds you can put and remove the drill. In addition, you can regulate the revolutions through a small wheel. At all times you will have control of the drill.





One of the most powerful drills on the market you will find in this model. If you are clear that you want to have a powerful hammer drill, this is the one you are looking for. It has a power of 1100w and despite its strength, it is not the noisiest models on the market.

As a good power comes, you can make the holes quickly, as long as you use quality bits. Moreover, it is accompanied by a briefcase and 15 bits, so at first you will not have to buy anything else to start using it. I can assure you that the set will cover your expectations without problems.





Now I am going to talk to you about one of the holes I like the most today. I not only like it because it is from the Bosch brand, but I like it because it has power and it is very easy to work with it. It is a fantastic model for people who want a quality drill and are looking for security.

It can be purchased alone or in the pack with 7 bits. These bits are of very good quality, so it may be a good option to buy the entire pack because the price difference is very small. In addition, it has many security measures through which the person who is using it can be safer. An example can be the automatic disconnection system in case of blockage.




Makita is putting the batteries and is launching products of very good quality at very competitive prices. This is the case of this drill, through which you can make all kinds of drills, even in concrete. To get the idea, it has a power of 780 W through which you can perform up to 4500 strokes per minute. It also offers us the possibility to choose between 40 positions of zinc and has a support to grab the drill that will allow you to get a lot more professional drills.

As expected, it can be regulated in terms of power and you can put the turn forward or backward. It really is another very easy option to handle.





If you want to have greater freedom of movement, but you want your drill to remain a percussor, this option will interest you.

It has all the functionalities of a hammer drill, but with the advantage that it works without wires, that is, its power source is through a battery. Of course, when buying it you have to choose whether to buy it with a single battery or with two. I recommend you buy it with 2 units to have removable, especially if you are going to use it enough.

Despite being battery powered, it has a fair weight and above all it has the power you need to get some good drills. Without forgetting that changing the drill bit is really simple and that it has the screwdriver system. It is a very complete machine for the price it has.





To finish the list, I want to present one of the most powerful drills on the market right now. It has a power of 1500w with extra percussor function. This will guarantee you that you can drill everything without problems and with hardly any effort. To get the idea, put at your disposal a total of 770 revolutions per minute.

Despite being powerful, I assure you that it is a machine that withstands the effort quite well. You can use it professionally and it will always give you good results. And it does not get too hot, which is appreciated. Without forgetting that it is very easy to handle.



Buying Guide to Find the Best Perculator Drill


Before going into details, it is important that we be clear that in the market we can find different machines. The most common drills are usually rotary, cordless, pneumatic, percussive or combined hammer drills. Having said that, I will show you a series of tips that you will have to take into account to be able to buy a good drill.

The first thing that I recommend to take into account the drill is its power and its speed. Do not buy a machine that is not very powerful, because the safest thing is that it does not allow you to drill hard materials and therefore it is not very useful, especially in concrete places. If you want to be sure of buying a good machine, see that it has a good number of revolutions per minute, through good power. And above all I recommend you look if you have any option to easily regulate the power and therefore the speed of rotation of the drill. And it is that in all occasions we will not need the same power, so regulating it will be very useful for drilling quality without damaging the walls or materials with which we are working.


Whenever you can, buy a drill as light as possible. The less weight you have, the less effort you will have to make to hold it and therefore you will feel more comfortable when making the drill. Moreover, many models offer an extra so you can grab the machine with both hands and make all the work more comfortable. Of course, think that sometimes the more powerful the machine, the more it will weigh since it will have to have a larger power source.


Another thing you should keep in mind is if you want a hammer drill with cable or without cable. Both things have their pros and cons. You must think about it to buy a drill that can last you as many years as possible. Today, cable companies are still in high demand, although battery players are gradually gaining prominence.


You should always use good bits with your drill. It’s no use having a good machine if the bits are not good. For this reason, I always recommend buying a drill pack plus drill bits and briefcase. So you can be sure that everything is of good quality and not have to buy other things. As you have read, many of the drills that I have recommended include accessories.


The budget to buy a drill is important. Think that you can buy a cheap and quality hammer drill if you buy it online. If you want to buy a quality product and do not want to spend a lot of money, do not think about it anymore and buy one of the holes listed above. You will not be disappointed.



Frequentlly Asked Question


Q: What is an electric drill?

An electric drill is a very versatile tool. They are usually in the form of a gun and a trigger-shaped switch that is what triggers the mechanism. They have a housing, which is usually reinforced plastic and covers both the motor and the frame. At one end it carries a piece, called a head or “mandrel”, which is what holds the drill bit.

Normal electric drills are for manual use, while the larger ones are held in columns. The latter are for professional use and are usually in workshops. The powers range from 12 watts of battery drills, to 1200 watts of column. Typically, they have about 600 watts of power.

Q: How does an electric drill work?

They work with electricity, either by power outlet or by battery. Electricity generates a movement in the motor bearings that rotate the mandrel and the drill. It is through this turn that you can drill. The drills have speed controls and generate more or less power depending on the material.


Q: What is the power of a drill?

The power of cable drills is measured in watts and varies, depending on the model, between 500 and 1000W. A low power drill will operate at full power all the time during heavy work, so it will take its components almost to the limit of its components, which will cause greater wear.