The Best Power Drills

The best power drills based on Consumer Reports tough tests.

Makita Drills: Ideal if you are looking for a brand specialized in tool manufacturing

Makita was born in Finland over a hundred years ago as a shop specialized in the sale and repair of motors and transformers.

Then the company begins to undergo several transformations until it begins to market high quality electrical products thanks to the eleven plants that it has distributed worldwide.

Einhell Drills: Suggested if you are looking for cheap drills

If you want a quality drill but without spending a lot of money we invite you to know the Einhell brand, it is a company with more than fifty years in the market that managed to position itself internationally thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

Its products include drills, stationary tools, saws, sanders, garden items, cleaning and automotive. The drills manufactured by this brand are characterized by having a good price, their sizes are varied and you can get them wireless or with long cables.

Black & Decker Drills: Suggested if you are looking for a brand with good value for money

The Black & Decker brand is American and specialized in the marketing of household appliances and power tools, you can find cheap drills.

Although it does not currently operate as it did at the beginning, you can still get products that offer good value for money in the market.

Bosch Drills: Recommended if you want drills with good power

The Bosch brand is a company that covers many items in the market, manufactures everything from appliances to tools, all with the same quality.

They constantly try to improve with each product, they have been accompanying their consumers for many years and each article includes the best possible technology.